It’s all good… a year later.

Funny how time flies.  Yesterday marked the year anniversary of what was one of the most frightening and painful things to happen to me.  It all happened last fall while preparing lunch for WiMi when my clothing caught fire from the stove.  If you haven’t been following me for  a while or don’t know me personally then you  can read about that incident in more detail here.   While physically I’ve pretty much healed near 100% ….emotionally, mentally, and spiritually its will be something I won’t ever forget.

Strengthening the bond
As far as the father and son relationship goes….WiMi and I have always been pretty close.  But the event that transpired that day I have to believe brought us even closer.  How I watched the boys evolve after that was that I was not only their protector….but they saw themselves as mine.  Soon after the accident…  it was days before Michael would even let me near the stove.  I don’t know what I must have been thinking the first time I reached in the freezer for that same box of fish sticks from that dreadful afternoon…  but without hesitation my son Michael grabbed the box from me , tossed it back into the refrigerator and blocked the door.  I can rarely go near the stove these days and not hear one of the boys chime-in …. “be careful daddy”.  I’m so thankful I made it and I  sense my boys are a bit appreciative I made it through as well.  That element of protection prevalent in all us…. nearly inseparable  when we’re out.  It’s more like the “3 Amigos”  vs. Father and sons. 

Fish-sticks anyone? 

Recognizing what really matters
As someone who is “under-employed” its easy to harp on what I don’t have and what I’m NOT able to do.  But surviving 2nd degree burns and still being able to  physically and mentally  love, nurture, and care for my boys let me see things in a whole new perspective.  Regardless of what I don’t have or can’t do… I still have one important job.  That’s being a father…..those boys need me.  And no matter what I don’t have …. I’ll always have those two beautiful boys and they will always have my heart.  Being able to be around and make sure they are kept out of harms way and have an opportunity to live, and learn are what REALLY matters.

Being grateful
Not a day goes by I’m not thankful that I’m still here today to talk about the whole ordeal.  I will be honest and say there were times in the ambulance on the way to the hospital that I was not so sure,  I was experiencing the most pain I had experienced in all my life.  But I made it…  and I realize it was only due to Gods will that I did.  Since then, I think twice about complaining…..  not so quick to take anything for granted.  I do give thanks to God everyday , not just for giving me life , but for allowing me to still be here and be a father to my sons.  I won’t forget there was a man in a room next to me that had suffered 3rd degree burns over most of his body….unfortunately he did not walk out of the hospital. 
Michael always gives thanks... We all should.
Well as I stated… it’s an incident that’s changed my life and that I won’t soon forget if ever.  I probably could have benefited from some type of counseling or therapy…. as I still have nightmares…. wake up hearing screams of my boys from that day, and there are times I swear I’m on fire.  While I’m close to having fully physically healed it may be sometime before I’m emotionally healed.  It will be a process.  What’s been the biggest help therapeutically is how the boys have been so willing to be involved…. scratching my itchy back as it healed and rubbing aloe vera on it all Spring and Summer….. always kissing daddy’s “burn burn”.   I have to believe that’s what sped up the healing process.  Things like this are what makes us stronger….not just as individuals but as a family.  I know I’m stronger today for it. I don’t think there is nothing I can’t handle after that experience.   That’s why I say it’s all good.  I love you WiMi,  and I could have never made it through this year without you.  Your resiliency, strength, and courage is unmatched…..    You are MY heroes. 
Thanks for reading.


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