Guess who's back...

Hey folks! I'm back! I want to say thanks to all the loyal readers, followers, and fellow bloggers who've stayed connected while I've been away on a hiatus. I've had a myriad of personal, family, and health issues to deal with that have taken my time and attention away from the FatherEd community. I was talking to another dad blogger about how I felt bad about abandoning my readers. He reminded me that family is far more important than this blog will ever be. That's my priority.....family, and that's where I've been devoting my time and energy.

There's been a lot going on.... a lot to share, discuss, and explore. WiMi are growing and so am I. This is a journey for all of us. The boys are in underwear now.... promoted to a new class in pre-k, and already asking for Christmas presents. I'll try to revisit and share some of the highlights, experiences, and insights from the past month 1/2. Last year I shut down FatherEd during the last part of the year but I think I'll stay connected this year and see what can be one of the most exciting times of the year has in store for me and WiMi.

As I approach the end of the year, looking back I'm happy with how FatherEd and it's community has grown. The people I've met, parents, bloggers, and just friend that have reached out and let me know how much it's appreciated. But I'm not satisfied and will keep looking for ways to have my blog grow and become a useful, trusted resource and fatherhood, parenting, and kids. So stay tuned. Thanks again, and I've missed you too.


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