Here are the links/badges to some of my favorite bloggers and partners.  If you would like your blog/badge added or know of blog that should be added, please e-mail me with the link -

  • A Daddy Blog
  • BellaDaddy Blog
  • Beta Dad
  • Blogger Buzz
  • Bloggers School
  • Booker Rising
  • Brooke and Audrey
  • Classical Spin
  • cSpin Healthy
  • Dad of Divas
  • Dad of Twins
  • Dropped Stitches
  • Ed's Funny Pages
  • Family of Boys
  • Father of Twins
  • Father's Forum on the Family
  • Gentlemen Unite
  • JS-Kit
  • just HOWE we are
  • Listen to Me Please
  • Mommy of a Monster and Twins
  • Mommy Perks VIP Blog
  • Motherhood The Sequel
  • Multiples.... and More!
  • Patently Mommy
  • Stages of Life... Which one are you in?
  • Straight Dope Dad
  • The Family Bed
  • The Howard House Reviews and Giveaways
  • The Life of Dad
  • The Real Blogger Status
  • The Real Matt Daddy
  • the rest is still UNwritten...
  • The Twin Coach
  • The Upbeat Dad
  • Triton Cove
  • TwinParenthood


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