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First, let me welcome you and thank you for visiting the FatherEd community.  My sincerest and deepest gratitude for taking the time to listen to my stories and experiences.  I'm a "not-so-thirty-something" Cincinnati native, son, brother, Christian, and patriot....most importantly a dad.  A Major Gifts Officer at a local cultural institution, I found myself down-sized when my infant sons were a mere five-months old.  Refusing to be defeated , I used the majority of the time away from work to bond with my sons and give them the love, care, and attention few boys experience from their father in the first three years of their lives.  As you become more familiar with FatherEd you will find that I am passionate about fatherhood. Not a day goes by that I don't know how blessed I am, and I do my best to let God and my sons know that.

I first started the blog FatherEd to serve as a place to share my stories and experiences and document them for my beautiful sons so that they one day  reference them.  Since then I've felt compelled to use this as an opportunity to not just share my stories, but develop, facilitate, and foster a community for like-minded fathers, parents, and other individuals. Fathers, mothers, and others who are just as passionate about parenting and want to engage, discuss, and share information regarding child health, wellness, and safety.  

Feel blessed and privileged  to share in my experiences, stories , and perspectives as I continue this fascinating journey raising twin boys. I hope you will leave informed and inspired.  Speaking of inspirations, let me introduce mine.

Introducing.... WiMi!

Michael (Mi)

The "eldest" of the two. aka "little man", "man of the house" or simply "the man", at 3 yrs. old, Michael is already commanding attention wherever he goes. Evolving into quite the leader you can always count on Michael to see to it that order and routine is maintained.  He is also a dedicated guardian when it comes to his brother. Michael knows no danger and is quite adventurous so you have to keep an eye on him. He also seems to have taken a liking to athletics with his focus being soccer, football, and most recently swimming. 


Born a little more than 2 minutes after his brother, William is known as "Peanut", "pretty boy", and I affectionately refer to him as my "champion".  William has battled everything from acid reflux to asthma in his short 3 years.  But there's no quit in him.  He runs with the big dogs. Wm a little more "methodical" when it comes to things, takes a bit more patience at times.  With a love for fruit and vegetables, he can also name accurately all the engines from Thomas the Train book series.  Wm loves his books, swinging, and feeding geese at the park. 


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