FatherEd turns one year... Thank you.

Well here we are....  a year later.   First ,  I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of this adventure of mine.  Whether you commented, shared, forwarded, followed , or Tweeted FatheEd...   I appreciate it and it has been partly because of the encouragement through feedback that I've been so diligent about continuing FatherEd.  Many times I would get frustrated because my blog didn't look as "cool" as other blogs or I'd go three days and get ONE unique visitor.

While FatherEd hasn't overtaken the blogosphere or grown in leaps in bounds, but I can brag a little and say FatherEd is listed on over 15 parenting/twins blogs and receives over 1000 visitors a month.  But that is not why I do it.  I blog to share my stories, insights, thoughts, and most importantly my joys as a Father.  I want it to be an inspiration to other parents, mainly fathers. 
Of of the best moments of the year and my life
If you've been a dedicated reader, you have seen and witnessed at least a years growth of my beautiful boys ....affectionately referred to on FatherEd as "WiMi"  You've been there for drs. visits... days at the park.... ER visits and even overnight hospital stays.   You've been there for "trick or treat" ...  Christmas and Easter.   You've been apart of some of the scariest moments when I had a near tragic accident last Fall and you've been there for some of the sadder moments when WiMi and I said goodbye to two grandmothers in one year.  In short you've seen our highs and lows.  One of the things I learned quickly is that you can't simply blog about just the good things.....the happy moments or highlights....  That isn't blogging.... that's simply bragging.  I've tried as best I can to be sincere and open without invading on the privacy of my family.  While I've opened my home and our lives and given you a glimpse of the trying but rewarding times raising two beautiful boys,  I hope you've opened your eyes and mind and perhaps looked at fatherhood, parenting and children for a different perspective.  I know I have.
I've tried to be a good dad and walk WiMi through the good and bad times.
Well a year later FatherEd is still not where I want it to be.... there is still a lot of opportunity for FatherEd to grow and I hope to continue to share and provide an inspiration through my own lessons and learnings on parenting.  

Again.... Thanks to everyone for the continued support.  And thanks for reading.



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