Photo of the Day.. The love of Nana

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Not often that I “post” the photo of the day (it has it’s own page).   But this was one worth posting, as it is a photo that captures so much.  I often speak on my own time, experiences, and influence with my boys Michae and William.  But I would be remiss not to talk about the time, energy, and dedication my mom has given to these guys… especially in the past year and 1/2. 

It is hard to articulate or define the love they have for each other. It is simply…”The love of Nana”.  My mom has 6 grand-children(one on the way) and I know she loves them all dearly, but the bond between her and WiMi is like none I’ve seen.  I’m almost jealous.  However I am grateful the boys have been blessed to have the time they’ve had with their grandmother.  A nurturer, care-provider, and influencer, she has certainly played a significant role in their lives.  For that I am thankful , and I know WiMi is. 

Thank you Nana for all you do.  You are greatly loved and appreciated.

Love, Edward on behalf of Michael and Wm.

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