The last grandmother....

 A week ago... WiMi and I payed our last respects to my dear grandmother and their great-grandmother.  Maude Malone-Staples was 88 years old.  She will be truly missed.  
As you reach my age the number of peers who are still able to say the have grand-parents are few and far between.... up until last January before I lost my other grandmother (Lettie Bronson)  at 96, I suppose I thought my grandmothers would live forever.  I have lost my biological father, three grand-fathers, and aunt, and uncle, and even a cousin and I have to say there is nothing like the pain of losing a grandmother....  I knew not of it 7 months ago, but have experienced it twice in less than 6 months..   Life can be so unfair.  There is a void now...  a void I can't quite describe...  when you've had grandparents all your life.... to one day say you have none is quite odd.  

Little Man saying bye to grandmother one last time...

I loved my grandmothers and I loved them dearly...  I have nothing but fond memories of the women who played such an integral role in helping shape me into the man I am today.   I watch my boys today as the grow and the love they have for their grandmothers.  So blessed...  so much love.  I hope that they will come to endear their grandmothers in the same regard.  I encourage that..  because whereas I have learned...grandparents serve as gap-fillers in so many ways.  Even a child with two parents....  there are times that a third or even fourth set of eyes, hands, and loving arms are needed to watch, guide and nurture that child as they grow. 

So here I am...  my last grandmother or grandparent for that matter gone to their final resting place.  While they aren't here for me to visit, kiss, or embrace... the memories of all the good times are forever embedded in me... the values instilled my heart and their legacy will live forever as I pass those on to my sons and they to their sons. 

I miss my grandmothers...  I miss them much.  But I know the best I can do is be the man they would want me to be, be the father they'd want me to be and for this they will not have lived in vain. 

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