Hello! I'm still here

WiMi and I celebrating our 3rd Fathers Day!
Hello friend, loyal readers , and fellow bloggers!  So sorry I've been away for so long.   I've been tending to some things, along with doing some sole-searching and wondering if I even wanted to continue this blog.  I really gave serious consideration to pulling the plug on the whole thing.  I felt perhaps I was being a bit hypocritical in trying to instill the virtues of fatherhood and parenting in others when I myself come up short when it comes to being the provider I feel I need to be as I continue to be "employment challenged"  entering a third year. 

I thought.... as much fun as I have with my boys... from the exciting adventures to the weekly Target visits....  I simply need to be doing more.   They aren't getting any younger and their needs and appetite are increasing.  Then a fellow dad-blogger who I shared my thoughts with reminded me to check my profile description and that part of it read-  "....Tried to make the most of a bad situation for the better part of this time"  He reminded me that's what father's do....  When faced with a challenging time or situation that threatens their family , they do whatever they can to "make the most of a bad situation"  He encouraged me to keep blogging and share my stories, insights, and experiences with dads and other parents and that giving up on the blog was a sign of giving up.

So here I am....  I'll gradually work my way back to normalcy.... there's been a lot that's happened since I last check in..... and I have plenty to share.  So stay tuned and watch for upcoming posts. Thanks for those who've continued to visit and read earlier posts. 

Lastly, I want to thank all those who sent Happy Fathers Day wishes.  They were greatly appreciated as WiMi and I celebrated our 3rd Fathers Day.  Never do I seek validation from readers/followers , but it's encouraging that others recognize the hard work, energy, sacrifices , and dedication that goes into being a good parent.  WiMi and I appreciate all the people who appreciate us, our stories and adventures.
My aunt makes the best cakes! Thanks aunt Shirley

See you soon and thanks again for continuing to support and read.




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