Worst Parent in the World- Tampa mom makes son hold GPA sign...

In the words of former MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann....  Rhonda Holder you are the "Worst Parent in the World" !

Turns out Rhonda Holder of Tampa Fla. thought she'd punish her son bringing home a stratospheric 1.22 GPA.  This has got to be the most counter-productive, non-solutions oriented way of correcting a child's academic misguidedness shall we say.  So many ways her son's time could be better spent such as the both of them working on identifying what the areas of opportunity are for him.  Looking for ways to help him and encourage him to do better.  

Parents like this are usually the ones who set around for the entire semester not taking an interest in what their child is doing ,don't show up for a parent/teacher conference, or help with homework on a nightly basis. But these parents somehow think the path to academic success is by way of humiliation.

Said Rhonda....  "He don't[sic] like it, and I'm probably the baddest parent in the world right now. But he'll be OK. In the long run, he'll thank me for it." Well ...we certainly know why her son isn't setting the world on fire in English or grammar.  And yes Rhonda...  you are the baddest parent in the world....  sitting on your ass all day....  pick up a phone and call his teachers or go visit your son's school! Clearly you don't have your finger on the pulse of your son's educational needs.  And one more thing Rhonda... we'll ALL thank you in the "long run" if you won't procreate anymore. 

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