4000 hits.... a quick thanks.

No real posts today....  I just got my lap-top back up and running after a horrible virus.  

I did log onto my blog and noticed I just reached a significant milestone. I got my 4000th hit today.(hey I'm right behind Pete Rose)   I just want to take a minute to say thanks to all the people who felt I had a story to tell ( namely Mina Stricklin, Feoshia Henderson, and my cousin Mona)  and encouraged me to start this.  My only regret now is that I didn't start it earlier. 

It's been a fun ride.....
4000 may not seem like a lot for 7 months... considering some websites/blogs may get that in a day if not an hour... and I should say that I didn't start my blog for the sake of collecting web-traffic.  But I do hope of the 4000 or so visitors that someone out there.... some father has been inspired, encouraged, and even EDucated by me sharing my stories, thoughts, and experiences of fatherhood.  If not but ONE man read and from this.... from my stories it helped him gain some knowledge to be a better father... then it was well worth it. 

But the real reason I started this was to one have an account of my time and experiences with my beautiful sons that I can one day share with them.... and perhaps they can share with their children.  Another reason was that I finally discovered something that I'm confident in myself that I'm not just good at it.... but great at it...and that's being a father. I'm not perfect nor am I trying to be the BEST dad... but simply give my boys MY best.  I also wanted to use this as a resource for other fathers , fathers-to-be and parents in general. I shared some of the things I've learned from my own experiences, other parents and even other "daddy-bloggers" I've met. 

I said when I started.... I didn't know much about "blogging" (I've actually discovered a lot of people don't) and it would be a work in progress and it still is... still a lot I don't know, but like with fatherhood..... I'm learning as I go along. I've also learned through the "blogosphere" that there are SO MANY many men out there who are as passionate, devoted, and dedicated to their children and fatherhood as I am.  That itself is inspiring to me.

So I encourage you to  please continue to follow and I appreciate all the comments, insights, and thoughts. Even when in disagreement with my points..... so keep them coming.

So at the end of the day, I may not know much about blogging.  But I do know one thing.... I am... FatherEd and my boys are FatherEd.... lol

Thanks for reading and your support.

"Mr. 4000".... for now


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