Boys of Summer..... Fantasy League Baseball

WiMi... a winning combo. 

So still bubbling from our first Opening Day experience.... WiMi and I have joined a fantasy baseball league...  and created and drafted a team,(I'm the manager of course) the Cincinnati WiMi Sluggers we're called.  For those who don't know much about fantasy baseball it's H2H category scoring so it takes a good balance of good pitching and hitting day to day.  Dad's out there , it's not too late to join a league and make it a fun father/son activity... Go here or www.espn.com There's a lot your son (or daughter) can learn from managing a fantasy team...  math, statistics, development of planning and organizational skills. Of course with my two year olds... we're just having fun right now.   

We're not exactly in the basement...but we got some ground to make up.... 

We'll be okay if we can keep our bull-pen rested
Not so great after the first full week of the season....  we're at 4-6 are in our division.  But we won't panic.  It's still early. We have plenty of time to work our way up to the top of the standings and win our league championship.  Follow along with us as we chase the pennant.  Go Reds!! 

Thanks for playing   uhhh... I mean reading,

rEDs Fans Dad


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