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The NFL and it's players are butting heads and there is a "lock-out" as we speak.....   but no work stoppage here.  I don't have a contract and WiMi pays peanuts...lol  Just wanted to share one on my favorite posts.  Have a good weekend.

Now days when I take the boys to the park..... I tend to not hover over them.  Leaving them to their own devices and allow them to interact and play with other kids their age and each other.

You'll often find me standing there at the edge of the play area...arms folded and watching and then suddenly waving or flailing my arms and yelling out commands at WiMi.   The other day one of the mom's told me ..... the only thing I needed was a head-set and whistle and I could pass for Marvin Lewis.   I wanted to reply.... "NO... I coach my boys to WIN..." lol     But I got her point.

My doppelganger?  I think not... Photo: Enquirer

I never really thought about it.... but everyday that I'm there nurturing and caring for the boys.... I am conditioning , training them and running them through drills preparing them for the "Big Game"... or the "real world"  we sometimes call it.     

Whether my boys ever suit up and play on the diamond, court, or grid-iron... I hope that they are absorbing the fundamentals I'm trying to instill in them that will help them succeed on or off the playing field.   Discipline, hard work, and effort.  I try everyday in some way to "drill" these things into the boys mindset.

Recently I saw the fruits of my "coaching" when William wanted to mount one of his favorite play-ground toys and Michael went over to assist him.  "That's team-work!"  I yelled.  It really makes me proud when I see them working together as a "team"

Always be looking "down field" son for the open opportunity...
Often times when a team isn't doing well and the coach is fired.... you'll here proponents for the coach come out and say "Well the coach doesn't catch balls..."  or the "coach didn't miss free-throws"   Well maybe he doesn't ..... but it is up to the coach to instill discipline, motivate, create and sustain a culture of team unity...  When they fail at that.... the team fails... and that...is why they are fired....

While I will never coach my boys to a Superbowl....or NCAA championship....or even little league championship.   I will do my best to coach and prepare them for succeeding of the field... in the biggest game...... Life.


Father Ed


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