Hey! I'm still here!

Hey folks and followers....  A few  have e-mailed and tweeted inquiring as to where I've been.....(Thank you for that)   Well January was a very long busy month....  but time to get back into the swing of things...

I'm still enjoying life and  spending time with my WiMi.  While my co-parent and I don't necessarily share the same vision as to how their day-to-day care should be structured....and I won't be spending everyday with them now...  I do pledge to still be the best dad I can be and maximize the time I do spend.  I think this transition gives me an opportunity to really do more for them in the long run.  

I'm going to step-up my job-search, work on some other self-improvement things and also try to explore how I can do more with this blog and make it grow into what I envisioned it when I started.  I wanted this to be more than just a place where I shared my day-to-day adventures and musings with my boys, but also a place for dads like me.... or parents in general could come to learn and share and exchange ideas and dialogue.  As I've said before  I hope people can get a good Father "Ed" here.

So hang with me as things shift gears....  I'm going to be sharing other stories of dads like me, posting articles and other findings regarding parenting and even reviewing some parenting books.

Thanks to all those who've been supportive in this little venture of mine... I just surpassed 3000 visitors this week. While some blogs get that in a day , this little milestone serves as a bit of encouragement for me.  There are possibly 3000 people out there who've been touched , or inspired by my stories, musings, and insights on parenting and fatherhood.  I'll see you soon.

Thanks for reading,



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