I'm Back! ...and with a brand-new look!

Hey folks! Guess who's back!

Sorry I've been away for so long but I've been busy as you can see.  First I hope you like the new look.  I wanted something that was a bit cleaner, simpler , but inviting.  There are still a few aesthetics(Be sure to check out the new HOME page) to work out , and more changes to come.  As I said when I started.... this blog will grow as I grow as better blogger,  writer, and more importantly father.  So I thank you all for being patient. A special thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger Feoshia for her help.

I recently celebrated a birthday with WiMi.  What fun!
No I haven't spent all this time just working on a new look.   I've also spent a significant amount of time focusing on my job search.  I don't know which has been more frustrating that or trying to learn HTML code.  I am trying to stay positive, focused and broaden my options. 

About WiMi?  WiMi are doing great!  We still have fun...  we've had quite a few adventures since my last posts... maybe I'll find time to bring you up to speed eventually. 

It's been fun watching those guys grow as they approach age 3.  I simply don't know where the time went.  As much as I try to be involved and detail oriented w/ every facet of their lives.... there are times I feel like.... "boy how did I miss that?"   

The are rambunctious as ever...  and talking a lot more now.  Michael sometimes I don't think is ever at a loss for words.  Wm a bit more selective... the "E.F. Hutton" of toddlers if you will...  When he talks.... people listen.  He's got something important to say.  

Well I hope everyone enjoys the new look. Now that I got that out of the way....  I can make this "fun" again.  I also envision [it] being engaging , inspirational , and a resource for other dads and parents alike. 

I want to thank and welcome the 200+ followers I've met along the way via Twitter and who have also "plugged" my blog on their blog. Didn't realize the Twitterverse was so full of dads like me...   If you don't already follow me on Twitter you can do so @fathered1    Also please be certain to FOLLOW me here on my blog... don't just "click and leave" .   lol 

So that's it for now.  Thanks again for being patient.  I'll be back soon!

Thanks for reading

Father "Ed"


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