The gift of fatherhood....(repost)

Happy Tuesday! Today is a repost of a previous post.  Enjoy!!

First... Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone is ready for an exciting year.. I know I am.  So much I want to accomplish and do with this blog.  I hope you faithful reader will stick around and watch it continue to grow and develop.  I'm trying.... 

So today was my and WiMis first trip to Target (aka Mecca de Staples) of the New Year.  As we had done for the previous month 1/2 whenever whenever we stopped in.... WiMi wanted out of the cart at a certain point and bolted for what was for the latter portion of the year... the "Christmas" section.  I knew why they were running...and I knew where they were running to... I had been in Target already since Christmas and I already new the seasonal section had already been decimated and dismantled and what few remnants of Christmas 2010 had already been relegated to a 3-tier shelf marked "70% off".  Where once stood 7 ft. artificial pre-lit Douglas firs was a big empty space awaiting whatever seasonal merchandise succeeded Christmas.

When I finally caught of with the boys they they were just frozen in awe...  "What happened?  ...the expression on Michael's face....   "Daddy ... lights!"   No William... that's a radiating space-heater.  I was quite moved as they stood there diligently for sometime... then roaming aisle to aisle...  "What happened to our winter-wonderland?" They must've tought   Few times have I felt so helpless....  what could I do?  At this point they were starting to draw a crowd....  one of the associates took the time to let them know the lights were gone but would be back in a "few" months....  She obviously doesn't have kids or she would know a "few" months can be an eternity to a child.

I finally got down on my knee and explained to Wm that while "Christmas" was gone...  that there were still plenty of toys and other good things around.  We don't have to wait on Christmas...   Christmas can wait on us.  It wasn't easy but I was eventually able to coax them to the toy section....  we found some cool fire-hats on clearance. 

I'm really amazed at my boys sometimes... of all the things that they appreciated about Christmas the most...  it wasn't the toys and other presents,  the cookies and candy...  but the "lights" (as they call it) at Target.  If that is all it takes to make my boys happy at Christmas than we'll be there Nov. 1st this year the day after they clear the Halloween candy out.  

Today was one of those times as a parent where you're powerless in being able to give your child what they want... and you have to take the time to explain that sometimes things aren't always going to be when, where , and how we expect it.  We have to move on and make good with the opportunities in front of us... of course us adults could learn from this as well.

Well "Christmas" section or not....   I have my Christmas everyday....  with my two little men whose "presence" is a gift everyday.  Top that Target.




The Twin Coach said...

This is a beautiful post. I remember when our children were a bit younger and it was the spectacle of Christmas they most enjoyed: the lights, the tree, the fire in the fireplace. Now, just shy of 4, it's a lot more about "stuff". I'm working on balancing that out for next year. Treasure those innocent moments...it does fly by so fast! So happy to have found your blog!

Edward said...

Thanks TC...
I also want to keep "balance" in Christmas for the boys... don't want them to get caught up in the "stuff" Perhaps this year or the next we will adopt-a-family.... less gifts for us and focus on the other positive aspects of the holiday. At the same time as a parent.... I have to be careful to not get caught up with "stuff" Thanks for reading.

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