Another life gone too soon....

I said I wasn't going to post again until after the new year but I think this recent tragedy really touches me and can't wait...  

If you read the Cinti Enquirer , you probably by now read the tragic story of how 27 month old Savon Edwards was pronounced dead on Mon. after battling for his life for 2 years died from complications from pneumonia.  Because I have 2 beautiful boys close to the age of little Savon this is a story I've followed and touches me whenever I have heard or read something about it over the past 2 years.  What makes this a particularly tragic story is that Savon died at the hands of one of the persons who in part gave him life, his father.  It's just not supposed to happen that way....  your parents are your protectors, guardians.... never ever should be the ones a child fears or their life is threatened by.  Its so easy to pass judgment I suppose but I can't imagine ever putting my children in harms way or hurting them. At the pinnacle of my frustrations from parenting...because they are there...  I have never even contemplated picking up one of my children and shaking them.

Little Savon (Eqnirer Photo)
See... I'm pretty sure Savon's father at some point in time in his life witnessed this or maybe even was shaken himself....   then perpetuating the culture of abuse and neglect by exercising the same behaviors.  Often I kid about raising kids from books...  but I seriously raise the question...   could a book, magazine article or parenting class really have influenced Savons' father ?  I don't know ... I say you are who you are.   I know better than to shake a child not from a book or article or PSA... but because I never witnessed that and pretty much believe any living breathing thing isn't going to fare well if you shake it.

I don't know where I'm going with this.... perhaps I'm just venting...  frustrated and angry.  For every Ricky Edwards (Savon's father), there are 10 good fathers out there trying hard to protect their sons and daughters from tragedies like this.  Recently I posted in my Facebook status about someone commenting about my boys being "under-developed and behind" as a result of being home with me everyday vs. daycare.  Let me say this.... I AM a good father..... as good as I believe I am, as good as I know I am... not because anyone on FaceBook or Twitter or anywhere else says I am.  My boys may not know the alphabet A-Z(at 30 months) or be able to discern blue from purple or break-down the concept of E=MC2  , but I do know that as long as I have breath in my body... my boys will always have a fighting chance to do all those things and more... the chances and opportunities Savon never had. 

That being said.... My heart and prayers go out to little Savon.... I never feel there is ever a time right when a parent should bury a child, unfortunately these things happen.  Savon , I know you are up there looking down on everyone now... your pain and suffering over...   I will think you time to time when I look at my boys....wondering what could have been.... perhaps you guys could have been team-mates, classmates, or just good friends... we'll never know.  Rest in peace  Savon....  Rest in peace.




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