Just another Twednesday....

So it seems me and the boys and I usually peak on Weds... but today was my 2nd early day in a row as I had an early morning meeting....    I was doing okay... but not my same mid-week energy level. 

Energy level or not....  WiMi wasn't going to let me out of our weekly Target trip...   today was hat and mittens day and it was far more intense than I ever thought it would be.  But WiMi finally found hats and mittens they liked. I try to give the boys as much independence as is reasonable for 2 year olds.  Let them pick out things they seem to be drawn to vs me always picking it...   I can see they are already approaching that stage where they are picking different things..  not too long before the dressing alike will be a thing of the past.  Which is fine by me...  it stopped being cute after 1 yrs. old if you ask me.  The boys are doing so well now when it's time to go....  no big fight for an Icee...  it's like they've conceded and know Icee season has come and gone...   I'm so proud of them.

Target was followed by a trip to Kroger for milk and some other things...   It's really becoming a tug-o-war between Target and Kroger in terms of winning the boys heart.  Only because Icee season is over I think Kroger has the slight edge with balloons, car-carts and free cookies at the bakery.  The big thing was that only ONE person asked if they were twins. She was pushing 80  so I decided to let it go.

So then it was off to CVS to pick up a Rx via the drive-thru and then to Kunkels Pharmacy for new tubing for Wms nebulizer.  Can't figure out why but the boys are quite fascinated with the display walkers when whenever we go in there. If you know anything about Kunkels  you know that its like a casting party from Cocoon in there. So all the customers are always raving about what they'd do if they had the energy that WiMi has.  I'm like .."really"  What exactly would YOU do with that energy at 83...  You know what...I don't ever want to know.

So that was done...  and I originally had one last stop for the boys but I have a self-imposed "3 stop rule"...   I'll explain....   most parents can tell you what a tedious tiresome process  loading and un-loading kids in and out of a car/mini-van.... imagine what that's like for 2 yr. olds?  I try to be sensitive to that....  Don't like the idea of my boys spending all day in the back of a mini-van.....  I figure if I can't get it all done in 3 stops... I'm probably trying to accomplish too much.  It can wait for another day. 

After that....  gotta get home and un-load and lunch....  It's Weds. and it's the first time the boys "acknowledge" that we haven't been to see the ducks in a week as I didn't turn down that way.  I think I'm going to explain to them that the duck have flown south for the winter.  
So getting ready for nap-time and I realize I haven't heard my Blackberry go off for quite awhile...  I look around for a bit...  if the boys have it.. I can ask...."Where's daddy's phone "  and they'll get it.  So I come to the conclusion that I must have left it on one of our stops....   So it's back in the car boys....    Yes this breaks the "3 stop rule"  but they don't seem to mind at all.   So I back track going to the last place I was first... Kunkels...  and I walk in and there's the staff... looking at the pics on my screen-saver.  I gave a big sigh of relief....

Well not the most spectacular day.... but quite adventurous... even by our standards....   Some days I just like hanging out with my guys... not having anything major to do. Gives us a chance to just focus on each other.



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