Long day...

Whew....  can barely keep my eyes open..  today kicked my butt...   WiMi and I were both beat by the end of the day...

"Bottoms up"
So the day started with an early morning breakfast at the Taft Museum of Art.  The Duncanson Society, which I'm a member of the Executive Committee had a welcoming breakfast for Nokutula Ngwenyama; this year's Ducanson Artist in Residence.  The boys were actually quite well behaved and held their own...... for about an hour.  WiMi is well known around the Taft Museum...  self-proclaimed "spokes-babies" if you will...  But everyone tends to get a bit nervous around "the house" when WiMi gets restless... it being a museum and all.  The boys were scheduled to come back for a commercial shoot for holiday festivities at the Taft, but I knew they weren't going to last until 1:00.  So that meant finding something else to keep them occupied.

"Us is big boys... we sit at the big people table"

We trekked down to Florence Mall...  because one I needed to have my phone checked out yet again (My second Blackberry in 3 weeks) and I had been promising the boys a trip to the merry-go-round there for a long time.  I also knew I needed to try to keep them relatively neat and clean.  So we walked around for a bit. I tell you... no one are better window shoppers than WiMi.  Every little thing seems to amaze them...    I let them go to the play area for a bit so they could get some exercise and then we had snacks before I went to have my phone checked out.  Well that's when everything went crazy....  Someone should have warned me that the T-mobile kiosk was right outside Build-a-Bear.   What a trap!  It wasn't 30 seconds I'm talking to the rep and the boys had wandered in....   and once they were in... they were IN...    I seems at first glance they were just awestruck...  with all the stuffed animals...  the stuffing machine and all the bear clothes.  I just shook my head and knew I was not getting out of there w/o a fight....    The sales associate must have read my facial  expression...    She came over and said  "Look... I can get you out of here for $20...  most kids their age are just happy w/ the bear...  you don't have to get all the bells and whistles"    I don't know if that's part of her sales tactics or what.... but I was sold.  Two chocolate bears it is....     After all it is Nat'l Adoption Week.   I was really interesting watching them take in the whole process of the bears being stuffed... of course that took some coaxing for Wm to give up the heart to put in the bear.  So after all was said and done.... $22.50 and Wimi were the proud new parents of "Wi" and "Mi"  respectively.  Michael took his parenting pretty seriously as he tried to feed it yogurt later at home.

"have a heart"
"That's going to hurt in the morning"

"la..la...la... I can't hear you..  la...la...la"

That's what I love about my boys... so humble, so grateful.  Amongst so many kids getting the best of the best of bears w/ all the works...  and they left so content w/ their little $10 bears.  I hope this is a trait they keep as they get older.  Appreciate the little things and you'll get bigger things is how it works... 

So after a quick merry-go-round ride and lunch it was back to the "Taft" for our commercial shoot. The boys were a bit tired and it was starting to show..... but when it comes to the camera.... Michael is going to give you his best.  No one plays to the camera like that guy.... Wm. another story....  he's like can we go already.  So I think they got in in 2 takes and the boys were done... Naturals...   I knew they had enough at that point...  They had given all they had.   So we packed up and headed home...and they didn't last 10 min. on the ride home.  Finally!  Sighhhhh...  I can listen to some sports talk radio...(a no-no when the boys are awake).

Thanks you WiMi for giving your all today...   So proud of you.  Hope "Wi' and "Mi" enjoy their new home and sleep well with you tonight.




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