Thank you, My little master-craftsmen

My dearest Michael & Wm.,

I had so much fun today....  I know as the days get shorter and colder it is becoming more challenging to keep  you occupied and entertained.... and you guys have been so great... real troopers.  Putting up with early morning breakfasts, commercial shoots, and running errands and simply long days inside.

"Daddy ...make yourself useful and hand me a Phillips-head"
Today's project.... putting together the book-shelf was really fun.  A real father-son project.  I admire your work ethic and effort.  Your work today is a true testament to what you can accomplish with patience, team-work, and staying on task.  I think we all learned by the end that  at times you won't always get it right the first time...(as we took it apart THREE times) but what's important is that you always put your best efforts into it. Because anything worth doing...is worth doing right.  Yeah I know we put the side-panels on backwards... but it's still the most beautiful bookcase I've ever seen.

I will always remember this bookshelf and us working on it together.  I look forward to working on many more projects with you as you get older.  Perhaps we will build a tree-house,  a dog-house, or who knows... a real house together.  Whatever it may be,  I know you will do well and that we will have fun.  

"Thanks Wm... want something done right... gotta get your clone to do it"
"Hey forget the book-shelf... this is fun enough"

"Michael will you put that hammer down"

"You like yellow Wm?  I think this would look so much nicer yellow, don't you?

"Well... at least it actually HOLDS books"

"let me just put some finishing touches on it...Bam! there you go."

"Sorry daddy...  we're union.... we get a 40 min. milk break"

Enjoy your bookshelf.... you deserve it.  You worked hard today with daddy and I appreciate it.  I would like to say I hope that you will treasure it long enough to pass down to your children....  but it's from WalMart so I don't even think it will last long enough to pass down to your little sister(should you have one someday).  You'll come to understand  what that means exactly soon enough.

Thank you boys....  thank you ... thank you....for such a fun day.

Love you much,


P.S.  Put your books away when you're done. :)


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