Easing back to normal....

So a week and a day later since that ill fated afternoon when things went awry while attempting to prepare  WiMi a simple lunch of fish-sticks and mac n cheese.  I've had my physical activities limited by the Dr. due to the fact I have 2nd degree burns on about 30-35 % of my back.  WiMis' aunt has taken care of them for the most part. Not being able to do for the boys day-to-day has been particularly frustrating.  I've always found it to be my saving grace....  while not being able to do all I can financially as I'm "employment challenged"... I've always felt the best I could be is devote all my time and energy to being the best father I could for them. 

So I decided today I had enough of laying/sitting around and wanted to try and get back to some sort of normalcy... Dr's orders be damned.  Besides, I just really missed hanging out with my guys....     I told myself that it was important for the sake of the boys to try to get back to our routine... but I really think it was just as important for me as well.

So to help Target make their pay-roll... we started with picking up weekly incidentals.  Diapers....juice...baby wipes... the usual.   I don't think the boys can truly appreciate what I'm going through now... they showed no mercy...  I grimaced at times trying to maneuver and handle them but I kept my game face on and it just felt good to be out and back into the swing of things.  It was certainly amazing to see how much a Target can change when you haven't been there in over a week.

After Target it was on to Kroger to pick up a few things....  that was when I was really starting to feel it... half in pain...half itching as my burns heal.  I feel my bandages coming undone... but it doesn't matter,  I'm just so happy to see WiMi happy.  Going up and down the aisles I began to appreciate the independence I've given the boys all summer.  They know what juice they get..... what yogurt they like and they pick it up or point it out as we go down the aisles, or maybe they realize daddy isn't 100% so they will help me out. 

Yep.... mentally it felt good to be getting back to some normalcy... while physically not so great. But I just didn't care.  We picked up dinner and then it was back to home- base...    Whew!  So exhausted after all that.. but so worth it.  For dinner we had one of the boys favorites of course... chicken legs and mac n cheese....  only this time I bought it instead of attempting to make it...:)

So good to be easing back to normalcy...   it really felt good.



Linnale said...

Greetings! I'm glad things are returning to normal. I was so worried about your and your kids and I'm elated to know things are calming down a bit! Is this a new blog? I have to save it to my favorites so I can keep up with you! Hugs and Kisses and Happy Thanksgiving!

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