Summer 2010.... a look back

When I look down at my feet and glance at the fading tan-lines from wearing sandals....  I can't help but smile sometimes as it reminds me of the not so distant summer just past. While the tan-lines may fade.... the memories of the greatest summer of my lifetime are indelible in my mind and in my heart.

Every father and son should be so blessed to experience the summer we did.  It was the summer of summers...   It was the summer two little baby boys became two little men....  it was the summer a man became a boy(at heart) once again.... it was the summer a man became more than just a daddy....  a mentor, nurturer, and life-coach....  a father.

WiMi and I may never have another opportunity to bond the way we did this past summer...as I hope to be gainfully employed before next summer and beyond....  But I can say I did it... I took and made to best of a bad situation and I gave my boys the summer most boys dream of ... but also they gave me the summer I'll remember for the rest of my life. Thank you WiMi.... thank you so much.

Here are just a "few" of the best moments of Summer 2010 that can only be told by photo.....  Enjoy.   


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