Twos- Day!

So the boys weren't so hard on me today...  Tuesdays are usually the day things shift gears and they are all riled up full of energy and ready to go.  I think even they are starting to adjust to the changing of the seasons if they haven't all ready. It was just weeks ago you couldn't get them dressed quick enough to get outside.

So I thought it was a little cool today so we went to the indoor play area at Eastgate Mall.  No ducks/geese there but the boys love that just the same... mainly because there's $7 rent able car/strollers and gum-ball machines it seems every 40 feet or so.  I also went to the mall because my new phone is already starting to act up and I wanted to exchange it. So apparently I had a 14-day grace period to return it and today was the 15th day....  I tried to explain to him that I didn't think weekends counted...  as WiMi picked up display phone after display phone and fingerprinting the glass... I think he was just so eager to get them out of there , he finally caved and agreed to replace my phone.  I'll have to try that more often.....
WiMi developing some bad habits early...  lol

Michael can be quite the lady's man at the mall.
See.... there he goes again.
WiMi think they own the play area sometimes and will "hold the bridge"
So off to the play area where WiMi are always certain to hold court and make new friends...  Of course it never fails that someone is going to ask... "are they twins"    I love it when I overhear other mother's looking in my direction saying I don't think I could handle TWO...or I don't know how he does it.  They seem to look at me with a sense of awe, fascination , and envy.... I soak it all up too.   I did have an interesting conversation with a mother today.... and it gave me a bit of hope actually.  She had a 2 year old and was 45 and stated that her husband was 53.  I had said prior to her sharing  that how badly I wanted to give the boys a sibling but was afraid my window was closing.....     I really do feel out of all the great things I try to do and give my boys..none would be a greater gift than that of a little brother or sister.  I see how they react at the playground whenever there is a baby around and it's amazing to watch.  I have no doubt they would have nothing but love for another sibling.   I have some challenges.... but if I work hard and stay focused and it's Gods' will.. I think I could someday in the not too distant/far future give them a little brother or sister....   Sighhhhhh   First let me work on getting a job.

Well after the mall it was home for a short pit-stop and then off to Target and Kroger.  For those who are under the impression that I have a bunch of money to spend....  I certainly don't.  I just spread things out because I know how much the boys love a trip to Target.  So today it was milk and peanut butter and jelly.  I've must be doing something right.... because they no longer throw a big tantrum when I don't get them an Icee....  believe me they hesitate... hoping, wishing, and praying that we'll stop at the Icee counter....  but I reiterate that we discussed before we went in that we wouldn't be getting Icees today...   They pout a little but grab hold of the cart and help push us on our merry way.   So proud of my guys... really growing up.

So tomorrow is hump day...  Luckily we all peak at about the same time of the week.  So our energy levels will be about the same.  Can't wait to see what adventures they have in store for me..  Should be interesting.



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