Pitch and catch...

Look at the wind-up! radar gun picked him up at 105 mph!
What a difference a few days make...   Hard to believe WiMi were in shorts and sandals a few days ago.  I think we can officially say goodbye to Summer now. Today it was jeans and sweaters...  I've been gradually transitioning them to fall wear so it wasn't too much of a shock.

So we're all recovering from a rather non-eventful weekend. We spent Saturday at the park watching soccer games..err uhhh.. I mean matches , and running around.

One of the more interesting things to happen at the park was at one point I was tending to William and before I knew it... Michael was engaged in a game of toss with another father.  My first reaction was... ."How dare he... play toss with my son...   I haven't even played toss with him yet"   I raced over and there was Michael all into it...  really working on his wind-up.  All I could do is smile..  he seemed to be really enjoying himself.  It's like the other father read my mind and looked up and said... "I hope you don't mind...."   Seeing my boy enjoy himself like that of course I didn't.  I thought about it...  and I may not be the FIRST  he plays toss with...  he can toss with a 100 people , heck he can go warm up in the bullpen with Homer Bailey.... but I'm sure when the day comes when we do play toss together for the first time.... He will remember it and that's what matters. 

Thanks Mr. Austin and son for the game of toss.

Daddy Edward


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