HOD yeah thats me...

The other day a friend referred to me as an HOD... a Hands On Dad they meant.

Yes, I admit I'm probably somewhat more "detail oriented" with my boys than the average dad...and that's not to belittle anyone else s efforts .  I'm more involved now mainly because not being full-time employed what better way to utilize this time other than to bond, nurture , and raise my two beautiful boys.  Of course at some point (God let it be soon) I'll return to the workforce full-time , but my boys will always be a top priority...if not THE top priority.

I'm also so involved because what my boys mean to me...  When I think of all the things I've ever asked God for this is the one I can say he came through on...  He may have "ix-nayed" on; the 7 Series BMW, the "dream job" at P&G, or seeing the Bengals win a Superbowl before I die,  but I'd give any of those up 10x over for what I have now. I always wanted a family and now that I have one I want to spend everyday letting [him] know how thankful I am that he didn't just bless me with one...but TWO beautiful boys. So if that means being an HOD then so be it.

I don't think when it comes to black young boys you can be "too hands on".  When I watch MSNBCs "Lockdown"  I tell you it scares me... I see so many black males, so many males period... who simply didn't have a strong male presence if any in their lives growing up.  I'm determined to be sure my boys never see the inside of a jail-cell. Being hand-on means I'm there instilling in them the discipline, values and knowledge to help them navigate through the next 18 years and hopefully beyond.  

Another reason I'm an HOD is that I'm simply enjoying fatherhood... the time of my life. Anyone who's known me long will tell you that fatherhood has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I mean this is late in the game for me... I may not get another opportunity to experience this... so I live everyday to the fullest putting my all into it.  Sometimes I'm still in utter amazement that I helped produce two beautiful boys. I embrace this time, I have to make the most of each and everyday because before I know it....graduation day will be here, then college.... wedding bells... Presidential Inauguration ...   all in a blink.

Being a HOD is a good thing in so many ways...   but most importantly with my "hands" always on my boys.. they'll feel my "hands" and always know that I'm there.




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