Here we are... Year 4: An open birthday letter to my beautiful boys

Well if you've been following FatherEd for sometime you'll know that I will use my blog as a platform to acknowledge major milestones not just in my sons lives but in our lives as in everything we do effects us all as a family.  Some of you know that we have experienced some major changes since WiMi turning 3 last year.   We had our challenges but we were able to overcome them and are still striving.

So here I write my thoughts, reflections, and vision as we look back over the past year and face forward for the many years to come.  Please feel honored, privileged , and blessed in reading....  Thanks 

Happy 4th Birthday to you my dear boys!

4 years....   that's high-school for most and a college degree for some.  But in this educating journey I have only matriculated as I am continuing to learn, discover and find out new things about you , parenting, and even myself everyday.  I could go on another 30 years and probably still not know all there is to parenting.  But I will say this is one lesson that I have certainly enjoyed learning.
Sometimes I wish I could still hold you like this..... 

A year ago this time...  I recall getting a bit choked up and not being able to sleep as you were about to begin pre-school.  I really didn't know what to think and was concerned as to how you would adapt since for the most part had been with me up until that point.  But I will say you surpassed and exceeded any and every expectation I had.  Of course I knew you would do well... it's in your DNA.  But the way you've advanced socially, emotionally, and academically simply amazes me.  The things you know at 3 yrs old.... I could never imagine.  I'm so proud of you. I suppose this is just a glimpse of the perennial honor-roll students you will be as you progress through grade, and middle-school, then high-school.

This past year presented us with some big time challenges , major changes and sometimes even set-backs.  But each and every-time.... you boys didn't buckle, or crumble.  Your resiliency is unmatched.  I can't say "when you get knocked down you get back up"   Because you never let anything , anyone knock you down. It is you boys who I draw my strength from.  So many times I felt like giving up....  but knew I couldn't , not so much because I knew you were depending on me.  But because I knew you hadn't given up on me.  

One of the biggest changes I've watched you boys adjust to is my going back to work full-time.  As much as I know I needed to go back to work , you don't know how concerned I was as to how this big change would affect you.  I think at times you have handled it better than I.   Don't think for a moment , I have forgotten all the good times we had.  Those are years,  days, and moments that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  I think I said it to you once before in a previous note...   I may not have riches, power, or a kingdom... but I have lived the lives of a thousand kings.  Its weird these days walking around at 2:30 in the afternoon in a suit and tie ..... seems not so long ago it was us guys taking on whatever adventure came our way.  So may memories and no one can ever take those away.  

Know that when I'm working.... you are still always my first and foremost priority and everything I do , I'm doing for you.  Helping provide for you now, and your future.  I only want the best for you and will always give my best to you.  It may seem at times like daddy has forgot about you or something else is more important but that is never the case.  Thank you for your patience for the past three years and thank you for being so patient as we all continue to adjust to this major change.

Looking forward as, I give so much thanks to God above for you and your health and life  I'm so excited to continue this journey as you continue to grow.... as I continue to grow.   As I said last year... I expect great things from you boys.  Know that I am always there for you and will do my best to provide for your every need, and some wants.    Lets make the most of this fascinating journey as its just getting started.

Once in a movie(As Good as it Gets) an actor you may someday come to like; Jack Nicholson said "You make me want to be a better man"   Well you boys actually MAKE me a better man.   Thank you boys for a wonderful, fascinating , and rewarding 4 years.  Here's to 400 more if they are all this good.

Happy Birthday,

Love Dad



gina valley said...

A lovely post!
Well, done!

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