Repost from The Daddy Yo! -Letter to Little Man....

Happy Monday everyone!  Nothing much from me today.   I just want to send a big shout out to one of my favorite fellow "daddy bloggers" The Daddy Yo  who's celebrating his 4 yr old starting pre-school today. 

I recently wrote a similar letter to MY "little men"  who started preschool just last month.  Glad to know I'm not the only sappy dad out there.  Also glad to another dad so involved....

Its amazing how fast our kids grow up. This week preschool, and before you know it... you're dropping them off at college. I'm so proud of how WiMi have taken a liking to preschool.  Michael tells me all the time... "I had fun at preschool Daddy"   Let's hope the enthusiasm carries over to HS

Congrats Daddy Yo!  And remember, if you feel a lump in your throat and eyes welling up...  don't worry, it's just Summer allergies.

Best to you and all the parents and little ones embarking on the new journey of preschool and beyond.




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