"Mama Says" National Fatherhood Initiative report.

In my never-ending quest to find more resources and information on fatherhood, or parenting in general and I will find a study or report that has some of the most stunning or surprising findings or statistics.  This particular study sponsored by the National Fatherhood Initiative proves to be right on par with how we are seeing the weakening and deterioration of the traditional structure of the American family and erosion of family values. According to the study..."mothers report that stable, well-functioning marriages are extremely important to good fathering..." but too many women found fathers unnecessary or expendable. In my opinion this attitude is not sustainable nor does it promote a culture that instills the importance or value of a father or mother for that matter when it comes to raising children.

What has to happen is not the role of father-hood be re-defined , but re-addressed, examined and affirmed.  Kids today particularly boys...  cannot grow up with the notion that fathers are either a non-essential or expendable component to the family structure.  I think this will take efforts on every one's part.  Both mother and fathers need to reinforce the importance of both parents each recognizing their role and supporting and re-enforcing the other's. 

While there may be many adults out there today who managed to "make it"  with the absence of a "father figure"  , Barack Obama being the most prominent example of this lately.  There are far too many men and women even who are part of the justice system because of the absence of a father or father figure in their home.   I wonder how many women have the attitude of the expendable father when talking to their "child" on a phone through a plate-glass window on visiting day.  There's a chance that replaceable dad may have made a difference. 

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