On this date: 2009

Out shopping for 1st pair of shoes...
As a proud dad I try to remember all the important dates, milestones, and accomplishments WiMi, but it can be particularly tough with TWO and they reach milestones at different times. Note*- For those of you not aware..twins DO NOT do everything at the same time.  So thanks to FaceBook , I was kindly reminded on this date 2009,  I posted that both my boys were walking.

                                                      Not the VERY first steps....but close enough.

Looking back, and seeing as how hard it is to keep up with them, seems like they've been walking since birth.  Needless to say... it's been fun watching them grow and develop far beyond just taking their first steps.  Symbolically...  fatherhood has been that way for me.   Taking baby-steps initially , before hitting my "stride".   But as we know....  parenting is a marathon....not a sprint.  So I will have to pace myself.   I'll have to pace myself just so I can "keep up"  with WiMi.

Thanks for reading,


"Little man" breaking his in new kicks.. 


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