Pool sharks pt. II

There are times when I post that I don't have anything profound or enlightening to  say... no useful or valuable insights or ideas...  I just want to be a dad and brag.   Watching my boys over the past few weeks as they've become more familiar and comfortable with the water has been challenging, stressful at times, yet fun and rewarding.  As I stated in an earlier post teaching your kids to swim invokes a lot of trust on both parts.  I've seen this trust over the past few weeks help us all tackle the fears and challenges of the water as the boys try to learn to swim. 

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about what it's been like....  if you are a parent who has assisted your child or witnessed your child learning to swim than you know.   If you have not experienced this..... you don't know what you're missing. A friend of mine had commented that it wasn't a good idea to let the boys use the "arm floaties" as it didn't really help them in learning to swim....    Well if someone has a better way of managing two 30+ lb. twin boys in water let me know (still love you Michelle).

When it comes to athletics there aren't going to be many things I can teach the boys....  I throw the worst spiral you will ever see. I'm lucky if I can hit the ball out of the infield and I doubt I can "drain it from downtown"   So being able to work with the boys and teach them swimming gives me  bit of self-satisfaction.  It does take a lot of patience and stamina.... on all of our parts...   but as I said...  at the end of the day...  its both fun and rewarding.

That said...  here is a slide-show of how the boys have progressed over the past few weeks.  I think this slide-show may end with shots of them on the medal stand next Summer in London.  lol

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