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Hey folks! FatherEd just reached a milestone of 6000 "hits" or visitors, which if you're familiar to the blogosphere or web-analytics that is not a significant number as I've found there are many bloggers out there who may get 6000 visitors in a month , week , or even day.  But I do want to say thanks to all those who've hung in there regardless. 

Nonetheless, when I started this blog I had no idea that 6000 visitors (unique and returning visitors) would be interested in my story.  Of course it didn't start start out as I was just looking for someway to attract a lot of web-traffic, I simply wanted to share the story of my journey as a father and also have a reference my boys could someday look back on... something we could all look back on.  I said before if just one man is inspired to be a better father by my stories...  than I will feel it was all worth it.

That being said...  I've learned a lot, in that there is a niche out there.... people who are solely interested, fascinated, and touched by my many anecdotal posts, stories, and cute pics , etc. However, the majority of people out there come to "parenting" blogs for information, ideas, and resources.  I feel that I can do much better than give my followers, readers, and visitors( there is a difference I've learned)  more than essentially a journal entry.  I want people to leave FatherEd "touched"  but also informed. Or as I like to say... with a little "Father Ed."

If you haven't "followed" FatherEd on a regular basis , you haven't noticed the few minor aesthetic and navigational changes (more on this later) I've made to make this blog easier to read, follow, and engage.   Something else I said when I first started this was I don't know ANYthing about blogging.  But since then  having talked to other parents, fathers, and bloggers, I've gained a wealth of information, ideas, and resources to help me develop my blog into what I envision it can be.   It will be a work in progress, but over the next few months you will see FatherEd slowly but progressively evolve into more of a  resource, a community if you will of like-minded parents and others sharing information, ideas, and insights gathered from research, collaboration , and an exchange of dialogue on community forums. It will best serve those looking for resources first and foremost on  fatherhood... then parenting, and promoting child health, wellness, and safety.  I realize this is where I will lose some readers.... but also gain followers. 

Again I want to thank those who have been there from the first post to the last and have offered continued support, encouragement, and advice.   I'll appreciate your continued support as FatherEd will continue to grow... the blog but more importantly the person.

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