Happy after-4th!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  For once the weather held up locally to make nice for cookouts, parades, and of course , fireworks. 

I had a chance to see Transformers 3 with some of my siblings and dad....   Don't want to ruin it for anyone , but I though it was too long and the story-line was a stretch... but then again we are talking about robots from a distant planet who can morph into cars... right?

Later on I had a chance to spend some time with WiMi and we hung out with Auntie "Honey"  for a little bit and then headed toward the 4th of July festivities and fireworks on the banks of the Little Miami in Hamilton.  We all had a blast!  As I said before.... one of my favorite holidays...  I hope the boys come to treasure it and hold it in the same regard. 

Well again... hope you all had a good one...   we are at the half-way point of the summer I guess.  So if you haven't had any fun yet... be sure to get out there and DO SOMETHING!!!

Thanks for reading


A "photo-log"  from 4th of July 2011

Wimi hanging out with Auntie "Honey" Naomi

Wm on a mission...  on his way into Target.  He knows what he wants...

Michael sulking after being informed he wasn't getting an Icee.

WiMi w/ entertaining one of their favorites...Fe. Yes.. those are Icee cups... Thanks Fe

Wm attempting to "ring Supermans bell"

Ding!  He did it....  but insisted on a prize for him AND his brother.

Every kid in town had a light stick that night...  needless to say neither were working by morning.

Blue sherbet!  Look at Mike's eyes.... WHAT is in that ice-cream?


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