Doing well.... (repost)

I did it!  or we did it!!  WiMi recently had their 3 yr wellness visit and they got an overall clean bill of health.  I'm so thankful! We had our challenges this past year with asthma and respiratory issues...overnight hospital stays...  but in the end the boys are as healthy as two growing thriving 2 yr olds can be.   The Dr. was a little concerned about their BMI and ruled them "borderline" pudgy (more on this later)  but some minor dietary and exercise adjustments can fix that.

Please take a minute to re-visit and enjoy my post from last years wellness visit.  Thanks. 

Today our boys finally got their 2 yr. check-up in.... on the day of their 27 month birthday I might add. It had been delayed and re-scheduled for this or that reason over the past 3 months, so it was good to finally get them in and sort of "check under the hood".

Given the amount of time I spend with them and all that we do on any given day I like to believe that they are two pretty healthy boys... but it's so good to be reassured by the pediatrician. Michael gives up about an 1" 1/2 to Wm. but is a little "pudgy" as the Dr. My "little man" a little on the "pudgy" side.... I guess we'll have to work on that with a little more exercise day-to day.

Universal Healthcare... WiMi taking turns performing 2 yr check-up.

I'm just so thankful to God that overall they both received a clean bill of health.... I feel blessed. Last month when William spent a few nights at Children's, it was a bit scary and I remember getting choked up and asking God.. "Why..my boy.. why" I don't think I quite got my answer or if I ever will.... but it did make me pause and reflect and be thankful. I mean in those three days at the hospital I saw so many sick children and parents of those children who probably wished that asthma was their only problem.

So the Dr. said today that after the 2 year check-up the boys will come back for annual visits. I have to admit I'm somewhat saddened... while I haven't made every single visit , I've tried to make most of them because I do care about my boys health and welfare. I wish that I had the option to take the boys in at least every 6 months. I mean if you drive a Porsche , you take it in for preventative maintenance right?
"Pudgy? Who you calling pudgy? I'm ripped!"

Well if it's going to be a whole year before their next visit I suppose that means I'm presented with the challenge of matching or exceeding the clean bill of health they received today and I will. I make that pledge to myself and my boys. Of course that means I have a year to work on Mikey's "pudge" right?

Thanks for listening...



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