Family Time is Downtime(from the Upbeat Dad)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend...   Sharing a post from one of my fellow "daddy-bloggers"- The Upbeat Dad who in a previous post "Family Time is Downtime"  talked about work-life balance and the importance of dedicated family time.  I asked him if I could re-post and got the "thumb-up"

I can relate to this... before the dynamics of our family structure changed significantly and WiMi's mother and I decided on another approach to raising the boys ... I was always adamant about having dedicated family time.... I wanted to instill this early on in the boys that there should always be routinely established set-aside time when we simply all focus on nothing else but "us" and that nothing should take precedent over that.  Even with the dynamics changed....Every chance I get I still try to instill in the boys the importance of family time set aside time when I don't take phone calls, respond to texts or (get this) get on FaceBook.  Family time can be reading one of their favorite books.... playing games or (sighhhh)  watching Despicable Me... their favorite movie, or even a trip to the park.  Family time is NEVER at Target however...lol

Most folks I know with kids do make time for family....  if you don't, it's not too late to start.  When you do.... things to remember... make it a ritual....not routine...make it fun and lastly make it meaningful.

Well enjoy the post and then go spend sometime with your family. 

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading.  Also please check out The Upbeat Dad



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