Easter...Who's/What's it all about?

Sorry I'm just now getting around to posting Easter pics...  some of you aren't FB followers and had been asking about them...  

You'll notice WiMi all decked out in new threads, painting eggs and Easter baskets.... I have fun with it and it's one of my favorite holidays because it represents "renewal" to me...  but don't think for a minute I don't already try instill in them that Easter is more than getting fancy clothes and jellybeans...

In the best way I can I tell them what the day is really about and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ....  not quite sure they understand that... but I'll do my best as they get older. I think they'll come into that.  For now I just let them have fun...  and I have fun as well.  I've heard other people here and there be critical of parent who go through all the pageantry for Easter ....from decked out Easter baskets to tailor-made suits for their kids(I didn't go that far)  I think it was my sister who said....  "Why don't parents just admit it's about them.... "    I'm not sure most parents to believe that... although I saw some disturbing things this past Sunday that might indicate a few do.... but as I responded to my sister and said on my FaceBook page...  It's okay to do all the pageantry as long as you don't let the meaning of Easter get lost amidst all that.....  as a parent you work so hard 365 days of the year...  There aren't many opportunities among those days where without much ridicule you can "showcase" the beautiful creatures you helped create...   Working hard one does deserve to sometimes just be a proud parent.  Of course I'm proud of my boys everyday...  Easter or not.   That's just a good excuse to eat jellybeans.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter...  Enjoy the "Easter 2011" slide show.

Thanks for reading.



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