Protecting your children from other's stupidity.... Is it possible?

If you don't follow college sports you might have missed the tragic story of how a young University Notre Dame student ... Declean Sullivan lost his life while filming a football practice session from a 50 ft. hydraulic lift.  The lift Sullivan was filming from tipped over when when gusts exceeding 50 mph knocked it down.

First, my heart goes out to the parents who lost a son,  I can only imagine the pain they are experiencing right now.  I don't believe any parent is ever prepared to bury a child... but it's extremely difficult when it's due to something so senseless that could have been avoided. It's still not been explained how the coaching staff ...(that being led by once esteemed former U.C. head-coach Brian Kelly) allowed him to be on the tower in such dangerous conditions.

This is a young man who didn't come to his untimely demise due to alcohol poisoning from a doing a keg-stand, or falling out of a window or drinking and driving....  but doing what he could to support and be a part of something that was dear to him...  Notre Dame football.

After reading this.... I pondered...  how do you protect your children in such incidents?  I mean you can instill in them at an early age... the dangers of drugs,  alcohol, and unprotected sex even.  But can you possibly cover every single possible scenario where they might be put in harms way?  I'm sure Sullivan's parents learned of their son becoming a part of the ND video staff had nothing but pride in their heart and never thought once to say.... "Hey son don't ever get up there and film a practice session with 50 mph winds"  Because I'm sure on some level they expected the school, athletic dept, and football team to exercise good judgment and not allow this to happen.  But [they] did.

I don't know .... I suppose the best thing I can do is tell my children to simply always use good old fashioned common-sense.  And when in doubt... always put their own health, safety, and welfare above anyone else s.  No one is ever going to care for you ....like you can care for yourself.  Its apparent from the text message shortly before Sullivan's death that he was somewhat aware of the dangers of being up on the platform in the high winds.... but he probably didn't want to be that guy who let his "team-mates" down...    Even at my age at this point in life.... I still find it difficult to let others down in lieu of my own welfare ....    So I can imagine what that's like for a 20 something yr. old.
One columnist for Fox Sports.com is calling for the head of Brian Kelly.  I tend to agree.  When the adults we entrust our kids to fail at being adults and  being the authority figures that are expected to exercise and use good judgment and they instead put their lives in danger or are no longer paramount to everything else... then it's time for them to go.  However this won't bring Declean back to his parents if Kelly is fired.  But what I hope does happen is that parents out there everywhere see this..... and first demand that there be a sense accountability at the schools, colleges, and universities where we send our kids to prepare for a future.  Secondly I hope parents instill in their children early and often the importance of practicing good judgment, common-sense and always knowing that no can  ever put a higher value on your life, well being, and safety than you can for yourself.  



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