Guest blog- The Stay-At-Home Creatif: The Time For Your Best Work is Sleep Time

Hey folks... I'm busy preparing for a job interview.... so my good friend and fellow stay-at-home dad is filling in for me today.  Doug and his lovely wife Sandy have a beautiful baby girl Madeline.  When Doug isn't busy changing diapers and mixing formula he's a  writer and graphic artist.  I'll be back on Monday. Have a good weekend!

The Stay-At-Home Creatif: The Time For Your Best Work is Sleep Time

   First off, before everyone bemoans the obvious typo in the title, I should explain what a “creatif” is. A creatif is exactly what it sounds like, a person dedicated to a creative lifestyle. I think this version of the word is French. Or maybe it should be. It’s the title of every “cooler-than-you” artist, musician, writer, sculpturer, woodworker…
   The word refers to anyone who’s ever spent their life working on a craft. Capturing a concept, expressing it, sharing it, then refining it more. And now you have a little kid who might follow in your footsteps as a creative genius.
   And you are the stay-at-home dad. 
   Of course you will witness those incredible moments of your little dinker growing. You’ll witness their first cogniscent moments like laughing when that bright colorful cartoon comes on. It may be you who first witnesses baby’s first smile; first hand clapping; first crawling; first standing; first steps…
   You’ve heard parents say things like “Having a kid really changes your priorities.”  You haven’t admitted this to anyone, but this is what scares you about being a dad. You are ready to deal with tantrums, diapers (uck!), nosebleeds, and the like.
   But you don’t want to re-prioritize and give up those things that made you better and cooler than any dude in a suit. You don’t want to give up your music/art/writing/crafting. Who would you be without your talent?
   Just a dad?
   What many creativs find is that they DO re-prioritize. But it is a priority that does the opposite of what you might think. You might think that re-prioritize means giving up the creative pursuit to put on a tie and work in a cubicle. Hey, daycare and school and college will all need to be covered. And perhaps you’ve got a part time job in the evenings.
   Actually, having a kid often times means getting even more serious about the creative pursuit. This is the time to focus heavily. This is the time to dig deep. This is a creatif’s version of being a bloody-nosed football player who is in a tied game in the final minutes.
   This is the time to dig deep and deal with the added responsibility of a kid and get the  best work done. This is the time to put the back against the wall and start charging. Write that novel you’ve been meaning to write. Record that album you’ve been composing all this time. Craft that smooth masterpiece that is cool to the touch the way you’ve always dreamt about.
   Many writers find that the best time to write is at 5 am. The house is quiet. Your little booger butt is now sleeping all the way through. The coffee brews and the work starts. There is something wonderful to a stay-at-home creatif about getting hours of uninterrupted production in.
   And during the day, it’s fun to bring that little ankle biter into the studio. It’s fun to share the process. Because, these might be the memories that make future success so sweet.  Someday, when you stand up to be recognized for your creativity, your future teenager will be proud of you.


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