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Today our boys finally got their 2 yr. check-up in....   on the day of their 27 month birthday I might add.  It had been delayed and re-scheduled for this or that reason over the past 3 months, so it was good to finally get them in and sort of "check under the hood".  

Given the amount of time I spend with them and all that we do on any given day I like to believe that they are two pretty healthy boys... but it's so good to be reassured by the pediatrician.  Michael gives up about an 1" 1/2 to Wm. but is a little "pudgy" as the Dr.  My "little man"  a little on the "pudgy" side.... I guess we'll have to work on that with a little more exercise day-to day.

Universal Healthcare... WiMi taking turns performing 2 yr check-up.
I'm just so thankful to God that overall they both received a clean bill of health.... I feel blessed.  Last month when William spent a few nights at Children's, it was a bit scary and I remember getting choked up and asking God.. "Why..my boy.. why"   I don't think I quite got my answer or if I ever will.... but it did make me pause and reflect and be thankful.  I mean in those three days at the hospital I saw so many sick children and parents of those children who probably wished that asthma was their only problem. 

So the Dr. said today that after the 2 year check-up the boys will come back for annual visits.  I have to admit I'm somewhat saddened... while I haven't made every single visit ,  I've tried to make most of them because I do care about my boys health and welfare.  I wish that I had the option to take the boys in at least every 6 months. I mean if you drive a Porsche , you take it in for preventative maintenance right?
"Pudgy?  Who you calling pudgy?  I'm ripped!"

Well if it's going to be a whole year before their next visit I suppose that means I'm presented with the challenge of matching or exceeding the clean bill of health they received today and I will. I make that pledge to myself and my boys.   Of course that means I have a year to work on Mikey's "pudge"  right?

Thanks for listening...



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