Bigger not always better...

Recently I switched mobile carriers and has an opportunity to get a new phone... long overdue as I had my previous phone since the boys were 5 months old and it had seen it's fair share of wear and tear...

At any rate...  the deal at this particular carrier was $20 bucks for a Blackberry Curve... which is a little above and beyond a simple phone... but I won't call it frivolous. I rely heavily on e-mailing, texting and everyone knows how I love taking pics of the boys and a Blackberry eliminates having to carry a separate phone.  Sighhhhhhh.... So have I justified to everyone my need for a Blackberry?  Well...so while the guy was doing all the paper work on my new plan , WiMi and I had an opportunity to fool around with this cool Android phone... essentially it's an I-phone  "clone"    HD screen, touch, video, 4G, you name it.  Even the boys were wowed by it.  Well the associate of course saw this and tried to up-sale me on this phone and told me it was only $199, and he could defer my payments until Dec and spread it out over 4 months.   Of course this was enticing...  I thought about how much fun WiMi and I would have with this phone taking pics, and video and downloading cool apps.  I mean he showed me all the bells and whistles...   It made my Blackberry seem like paper-cups and string in comparison.   Well I looked at it and thought about it...  then I looked at my boys....Here I am "under-employed"  contemplating a $199 phone that I don't really need.  I thought to myself... "what kind of example am I setting?"  I mean they are young...   but I really want to instill in them early and often that it isn't always "style over substance"   less is more most of the times.   It took me so long to realize this.  If only I had come to  that realization earlier, where would I be ....what would I have now?

So I kindly told the associate that I was fine with the Blackberry.  At least with the Blackberry I can "fantasize" and pretend I have a job....  With the Android.... I'm afraid I'll just be viewed as another loser with a cool phone.   lol

The boys will probably never remember that trip to the mall kiosk... but I will.  It was the moment I decided.... bigger isn't always better.


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