Everything I needed to know about parenting...

...I learned from my children.  That's what I would title a book if I were to write one on child-rearing.
My most recent lesson...  Patience.
So WiMi (William and Michael) have been coveting these Paul Frank monkey boots at Target for months...  It was routine that whenever we went past the shoe section at Target they would run to the end-cap where the boots are strategically placed in the same spot at all Targets.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a sucker for my boys when it comes to things they want...  But with these boots.. I just couldn't see parting with the kind of money they wanted for some rubber galoshes they were only going to wear in the rain and also quickly outgrow....  But at times it was tough because as I said the boys would religiously run to these boots and fawn over them whenever we went into the store.
But while I didn't want to commit that kind of money to the boots.... at the same time I didn't want to cave and just get them simply because they wanted them.   I wanted to see if they really wanted them or as with so many things with kids their age... Did they just want them because they were there.

So I watched [them] for months as well as watching the price on the boots... Neither changed until one day a couple weeks ago the boots finally got knocked down to clearance.  I was ecstatic, mainly because they were at a great price, but most importantly... I could finally get my boys something they so diligently had been coveting and patiently waited for...  they never threw a tantrum.  Well... maybe just once they did.
So I got their "monkey boots" for a paltry $4.24 a pair.  When I took those boots to them, you would have thought it was Christmas the way their little faces lit up.  I could see and feel the appreciation for those boots... a lot more appreciation than had I bought the boots months ago when they first spotted them.  It was quite rewarding...   "our" patience" has finally paid off.
So as a parent and a person I'm learned from this experience and what I hope my boys learned is that in life just because you don't get what you want when you want it.... doesn't mean you're never going to get it.  Sometimes you just have to be patient.
Enjoy your boots WiMi!  You deserve them.




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