A Happy Birthday tribute to my "Mommy"

So often on my blog I talk about parenting from the perspective of a father.... being a daddy.  But I'd be remiss if I didn't speak on what has been one of my biggest influencers.... and why I am in part the parent I am today...my mom.  Today is her birthday and I want to the whole world to know how thankful I am for her.

My mom is one remarkable woman....ageless.  I won't publicize her age , but she looks great for someone whose been through nine pregnancies and raised 7 kids. Albeit all of us are grown and some raising our own families, she has not stopped being a mom.  So selfless, dedicated and so determined and concerned that all her children and grandchildren are doing well.  It is paramount to nothing else.

I once stated in an earlier post that I wanted my boys to have the experience of having a stay-at-home parent because I did.  Being home with the boys for the majority of the past three years...  my mom certainly has been a tremendous guide and source of support for the time I've spent with my boys.  Simply a guide...never overbearing or meddlesome. But always there for consult if needed.

One of the most remarkable characteristics about my mom is that no matter the circumstances or how bad someone has treated my mom, she has always remained the bigger person.  Her motto- "let God deal with them"  I suppose that is one thing I've inherited from her.... at times I think of it as a "flaw" or weakness but when I look at my mother I see it as a virtue.  Many times when speaking on one having their values, faith, or morals tested ....they ask the age old question... "What would Jesus do?"   Well I do believe in Jesus, but I don't even have to go that high when questioning what is the right thing to do.  I simply ask... "What would Mother do"   A great of example takes me back to two weeks ago when the mother of my children apparently had an ER visit with one of my sons that I sadly had to hear about from him and not her when she took him.  When I prompted her for information regarding my son's ER visit, (i.e. the facility, the attending physician, and diagnosis) she was non-responsive. Mind you aside from being a co-parent,  I do pay child-support which if nothing else should afford me being privy to said info.  Fast-forward two weeks to the day.... the phone rings and it's my sons' mother and she wants to know if I can take one of the boys to the ER because they've been throwing up all night and she can't do it because she has to work.  Now a lesser man and (maybe justified) would have recalled the incident two weeks prior and said "screw you... you take him" and hung up the phone.  But without pause.... going back to the values my mom has instilled in me, I knew it was about the greater good and that was my son's health.  I responded that I'd be right over to take my son to the ER.  That is what my mom would've done.... that is what she would have wanted me to do.

It is said that a woman can't teach a boy to be a man.  I don't know about that.  But I will say she can certainly instill the values and provide to guidance to help him raise his own boys into men.  She certainly has been  a guide, a resource and a source of support over these three years without ever making me feel less of a parent or challenging me.  I think this comes for the self-confidence in that she knows she taught me well.

Happy Birthday Mother....  I feel forever blessed for having you and can never do enough to express my gratefulness for all that you've done for me. Thank you .... you selfless, caring, beautiful women.  Thank you.



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