Happy Thanksgiving from FatherEd

I wanted to take a brief moment to wish all my U.S. readers a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  To my readers outside the U.S. , I hope you are having a terrific Thursday.

When I think of some the things I'm thankful for... I think I can say I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my experiences, insights, and stories on fatherhood.  I'm thankful for all the other parent-bloggers I've met, and all the wonderful readers, followers, and visitors over the past year who have watched FatherEd grow.

Of course what I'm most thankful for is the wonderful experience of fatherhood and the honor, privilege, and blessing to be a father to two of the most fascinating twin boys.  

If I can leave you all with one final thought.... Take time yourself and encourage your child(ren) to take inventory and give thanks for whats really important.  Not  the 50" flat-screen, your promotion , or up-coming Christmas bonus,  but your family, health, friends, and the love you all share.  These are the things we should give thanks for.

From my family to yours , I wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading.


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