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Well I'm back...  hope you all enjoyed the guest-blog on Friday.  I certainly got something from it....  I at least now know what a "creatif" is....

So last week was crazy and it did end on a lot of positives and I'm hoping some of the momentum will carry over into this week and the weeks to follow.  I got a feeling I'm going to be very busy over the next couple weeks.

Wm. says ...Bigger is better.
So the week was good overall but the highlight was the weekend....    WiMi and I went pumpkin shopping.... I'm not so much into Halloween as I am into the idea of the fall season, harvest time and it being one of the most beautiful times of the year with the changing of the leaves.  I've never carved a pumpkin...  not sure I know how, I kind of get it for posterity sake.  I've got one every year since the boys were born this was the first year they had an opportunity to pick out their own.
So we went to the Burger Farms Fall Harvest festival or whatever they call it....  I knew the first time I drove past it a couple of years ago... that when the boys were old enough I would want to take them....   We used to live right down the road from it in Newton.  

Michael says LESS...is more.
I'd say they boys had a pretty good time....   a little apprehensive at first... but they caught on pretty quick.  My biggest challenge sometimes with the WiMi these days is that they now have their own separate agendas....  One wants to do one thing and the other something else.  I find myself often times having to referee and have final say as to what we are going to do and when. I try to be fair and consistent making sure I never give the impression to one or the other that I'm showing partiality or favoritism.

"Who you callin too little lady?"
One of the more interesting things to happen while at the festival was that there was an area where for two tickets young kids could ride these miniature John Deere tractors in a circle for a few laps...   Well of course right away WiMi was drawn to this....    But the woman in charge of this area said that they were too small for the tractors....   I was like... "Okay..."  and started to take the boys off to something else.. but they wouldn't have it.....  they had the biggest fit....    You have to be careful in telling them they "can't" do something.

My guys.. Always running with the big boys...
Now I've always been careful not to rush the boys into anything let them grow and learn at their own natural progression....  if there is something they are willing to try and it isn't a detriment to their health or safety then I may let them try....    So anyway....   I don't think the lady can take the boys kicking and screaming any more... they aren't going anywhere and no one else can get to the "tractors"  with them in the way... so she caves and let them ride.   Let me tell you.....  she earned her pay those next few minutes....   My WiMi showed HER who was too little.   They may not have rode in perfect little circles like some of the other kids ...but they had fun trying.  You could see the sense of satisfaction on their faces.
If it's one thing I admire about my boys it's there "I can do anything" attitude"   Of course it's early  but I hope this is a trait or attitude they continue to develop as they get older.  I sometimes wish I had the air of confidence these boys have.  Maybe we all are born with the same high-level of confidence that young children seem to have.... and for whatever reasons... that attitude fades.

Oh to be two again... and rule the world...   lol



Heather Burdette said...

Much of that confidence comes from the unconditional love you give them. Bravo to you! - Heather B.

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