Mirena Ad.... Poor taste?(repost)

This is a re post originally posted Oct. 2010.  I got some feed-back both ways with this.  This time I included a poll question to gather what your thoughts were on the ad.  Please enjoy the re post and take the time to answer the survey question.  Thanks.

So I posted a status the other night about how  I found the Mirena TV spot a bit disturbing to say the least....   My status either got lost in the time of night I posted it or people were more focused on the Cincinnati Windstorm 2010 that wasn't... OR maybe I'm just the only one bothered by it.

So I think this has got to be on of the most poorly written or ill-conceived commercials of all time.  The commercial starts off with a mind-boggling soliloquy...a woman at the grocery store questioning if she took her pill or not....  as her black kids rifle through... get this... WATERMELONS.  Seriously?! How did that  get past the NAACP?   She goes on to have an epiphany and come to the conclusion that she really doesn't need any more kids right now.  No...  I really think you need to focus on that bad perm.

Oh! It gets better...  the camera switches over to "Father of the Year", who sits in the back yard in dockers (legs-crossed) reading the Lifestyle section while eating a bowl of jelly-beans(ghetto pass revoked)...  back turned to his kids...   apparently so destitute they have to make toys out of old card-board boxes.  No... you really shouldn't have any more children.  I mean.. when would you ever find the time to squeeze in the Times cross-word puzzle? 

I don't know... I guess what doesn't sit too well with me as I said to someone on FaceBook is using healthy, living , breathing children in an ad to promote birth-control.  Exactly what message am I supposed to get from the ad?  Whatever message is trying to be conveyed by the marketer is totally lost with the appearance of these fine looking kids.  If you want to convince me to use birth-control  show me the incarnate of Satan with a lazy eye and cleft palate and I'll give it some serious thought.  I'm kidding of course.  I'm just a little confused on what the message is or what was to be accomplished by "propping" the children in this ad.

All children are beautiful and should be looked at as a blessing and not a curse.... and certainly not a burden. But definitely not an impetus to go out and purchase an IUD... in my "humble opinion"   What I would think would be involved in the decision-making process for using birth-control(or having children) is whether you are in a position mentally, physically, and even financially. Do you have a partner, husband/wife who is committed to accept the challenges that come with raising a child/ren? Some of those challenges which apparently include being able to control your children in the produce section of the grocery store.  If you can't do that...  then yeah...  you might want to consider birth-control.

Just my own thoughts... or rant if you will.

thanks for listening...



Melissa said...

I haven't seen this commercial, but that would not make me want to use their product. And jelly beans? I don't understand that part of it! lol

So many people want to have children that for one reason or another cannot, and then companies like this portray them as little curses bestowed upon you.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you. These commercials are heinous, a birth control commercial portraying children as nuisances, monsters, to their own parents. Poor taste indeed, so much so to me, I had to google to see if anyone else felt the same. And let's not forget the health damage and risk involved for the woman using this product. Humans are mostly idiots. I'm embarrassed by the human race.

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